Free Standing Screen

with Ceiling Clamps

  • Sizes

    Safety Glass

    Bespoke – Made to measure service available. Glass Options available (see below).

  • Configuration

    Configuration includes:

    • 2 x Ceiling Clamps
    • Choice of:

    2 x Toe-Pedestal

    Silicone bond to tile or tray

    Floor Channel

    Alternative hardware options are available – See the HARDWARE section.

  • Layouts

  • Shower Guard Kit

    • Prevents adhesion of lime-scale and other contaminants.
    • Makes cleaning much easier.
    • Easy application.
    • Permanent protection.
    • For more information see the Shower Guard page.
  • Glass Options

    Glass Finishes

    See the Glass Finishes page for all available options.

    Privacy Bands

    See the Privacy Bands page for details.

    Etching & Digital Printing

    See the Etching & Digital Printing page for details.