Etching & Digital Printing

Your Designs and Logos on to Screens

  • Frosted Etching

    Applied using modern sandblasting methods, etching the surface of the glass to produce an opaque frosted surface.

    • Allows us to produce custom text, logos and patterns.
    • Can be applied to any screen or enclosure when ordering.
    • Robust and easy to clean finish.

    Cannot be applied to glass once tempered.

  • Digital Printing

    We now produce digitally printed designs, directly onto glass.

    • Provide your own image. (Minimum resolution 300dpi).
    • Matched to any RAL colour.
  • Shower Guard Kit

    • Prevents adhesion of lime-scale and other contaminants.
    • Makes cleaning much easier.
    • Easy application.
    • Permanent protection.
    • For more information see the Shower Guard page.
  • Glass Options

    Glass Finishes

    See the Glass Finishes page for all available options.

    Privacy Bands

    See the Privacy Bands page for details.

    Etching & Digital Printing

    See the Etching & Digital Printing page for details.